Bitcoin Cash Benefits
Bitcoin Cash Benefits
Benefits of Bitcoin Cash for Everyone
  • For the first time in human history, Bitcoin Cash allows you to be in full control of your own money. Bitcoin Cash is peer to peer money that cannot be frozen by the banks nor the government.
  • With Bitcoin Cash, you place your trust in the laws of Math and Cryptography rather than putting your trust in people.
  • Send or receive any amount of Bitcoin Cash, to anyone, anywhere, instantly and almost for free. No lengthy bank forms to fill in and no private information required from both the sender and recipient.
  • Whenever you are frustrated with the long queues in the bank to make a transaction, imagine how much time you had wasted, and how many millions other people are wasting their time in the bank queues every single day. Bitcoin Cash saves time and money for millions of people every single day.
  • Bitcoin Cash helps to connect the billions of unbanked people, with valuable talents and expertise, to the global economy, creating millions of new job opportunities and increasing economic growth for the entire world.
  • Bitcoin Cash enables micro transactions so you can write articles or create video contents and earn money immediately by people who like your work.
  • Bitcoin Cash has high volatility which could be seen as an issue or an opportunity, depending on your perspective. If something is $1 today and 20 years later, it is still $1, then there is no investment opportunity.
  • Bitcoin Cash protects your purchasing power from inflation and hyperinflation, similar to gold and silver, because it exists outside the banking system of fiat money.
  • Unlike fiat money, Bitcoin Cash cannot be counterfeited, so there is zero chance of you holding fake money.
  • New bank regulations with regards to bail-ins and bail-outs means the banks can confiscate depositors funds legally and anytime during a financial crisis and there is no recourse for you.
  • Banks can shut down and disappear along with the depositors money but Bitcoin Cash has a perfect track record of being online 24 hours a day, every single day, and had been doing so since 2009.
  • Bitcoin Cash payments, with CashShuffle and CashFusion, are private Internet money. This means you can send/receive money with anyone privately without having to give out your private information, useful in situations when you want to donate money to an organization without risk being implicated in the process.
  • Bitcoin Cash is an insurance against corrupted governments. Given a long enough time, eventually a group of corrupted politicians will win the election and take control over the country to enrich themselves. Bitcoin Cash gives you the freedom to move your wealth anywhere and relocate anytime to a safer haven.
  • Bitcoin Cash allows you to bypass financial censorships, restrictions and sanctions because it is unstoppable peer to peer money.
  • Bitcoin Cash is global money with more than 2,651,820 merchants accepting it. You can pay for your hotels, air tickets, food/drinks, groceries, nightlife, and more with Bitcoin Cash today.
  • If you were aware of the protests currently going on in Hong Kong, India, Iran, Chile, Bolivia, and other countries, you have to wonder how a minority government could suppress and control millions of citizens.

    Turns out if you have an unlimited money printing machine, you could control the entire nation. You could use it to pay for the police and military to beat up the civilians. You could use it to bribe the politicians to look the other way. You could use it to pay for propaganda campaigns. You could use it to invest in companies to prevent them from speaking up.

    When you remove their unlimited money printing machine, you also reduce their ability to suppress and control the people. Suddenly, the power shifts back into the people’s hands because nobody can print more Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash’s supply is fixed and there will only be 21 million Bitcoin Cash forever.
  • Bitcoin Cash is programmable money which allows for smart contracts, tokens, oracles, dividends, anonymous bearer shares, and so much new innovations that wasn’t possible before. It is like the very early periods of the Internet age where it is a rapidly evolving technology and crazy amount of new innovations happen regularly and yet people barely know anything about the Internet at that point.
Benefits of Bitcoin Cash for Merchants
  • Bitcoin Cash transactions are instant and safe.
  • Risk of chargebacks is nearly zero.
  • No more worries about credit card frauds.
  • No more worries about centralized payment systems such as PayPal freezing or stealing your money like what had happened to thousands of PayPal users.
  • No payment processing fee. As a merchant, you receive 100% of the amount paid to you by the customer.
  • Super easy to get started. Just install the Wallet and the Bitcoin Cash Register App and you can start accepting Bitcoin Cash payments within minutes.
  • Bitcoin Cash does not stigmatize or treat any businesses differently. If you run an organization that banks or governments may not like, you risk having your funds being confiscated anytime like what happened to the funds donated to help Hong Kong Protestors. Bitcoin Cash cannot be taken away by the banks nor the government without your permission.
How You Can Help This Peer To Peer Digital Cash Movement
  • Spend Bitcoin Cash whenever possible. You can buy anything with Bitcoin Cash on Amazon today with up to 30% using the service. You can pay for air tickets, hotels, food and other services using Bitcoin Cash today. Visit AcceptBitcoin.Cash or to look for participating merchants today!
  • Pay your employees in Bitcoin Cash to help build a closed loop economy. Request to be paid in Bitcoin Cash if you’re the employee.
  • Help educate and spread the benefits of Bitcoin Cash to family and friends, or you can just direct them to this page!
  • Make small donations to open source developers contributing their free time voluntarily to build applications and services for the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.
  • Everytime someone tries to sell you something, ask them if they accept Bitcoin Cash.

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